what’s in my bag: audrey grey

Maraa word from our readers, what's in my bag

Depending on the day of the week, purses can be the devil or a savior. But they can also tell us a lot about ourselves. Audrey Grey dared to go on that self-discovering journey of emptying her bag and took us along for the ride! Take a look below to see what she found and see if maybe you have a few things in common.

What’s in my bag? by Audrey Grey

When asked if I wanted to create a blog post about the contents of my bag, I was skeptical. I mean, really. How interesting can the miscellaneous, forgotten items that I lug around all day (but hardly ever use) be?

But then I actually looked inside my giant pleather bag, and I had a change of heart. Because the items I carry on a daily basis really tell a lot about me. So here’s my story, told from the bottom of my purse.

My laptop. As a writer, this is probably a given, but I carry my laptop with me everywhere. It comes in handy when I get ideas for my current work-in-progress (WIP), or want to watch something on Netflix while I pretend to work. I also keep images of my characters from my WIP for inspiration.

img_6467Three books. That’s right, people. Three thick hardbacks that weigh a ton. A kindle might be better for my back, but there’s something about physical, hold-in-my-hand tomes that make me giddy.

Sunglasses. The right shades flatter your profile and block the sun. They make you appear glamorous, even on your not so glamorous, forgot to shower, super tired days. Really, they’re the accessory I never leave home without.

If you’re like me, you have an ALL THE THINGS section of your bag. I have a pen. Because. Reasons. Writerly sorts of reasons. Then there’s my jewelry—a sparkly black bracelet and flashy earrings—because you never know when you’ll need to glam it up a bit. There’s mascara, two kinds. Have I mentioned my eyesight is horrible? Glasses and contact solution is a must.img_6475

Also, as a mommy I have a special section dedicated to bribing my children. Candy usually works, but there are also sippy cups, cars, toys, etc. I should label this part of my bag: SANITY.

Honestly, the rest was a surprising mix of stuff. A camera, hair clip, flashlight (thanks, dad) baby wipes, and a forgotten dry shampoo spray that probably once saved my life. I consider all of these both indispensible and superfluous—in that order.

img_6458So, what have I discovered by cataloguing the contents of my bag? I have way too much stuff! But, also, life is tough and complicated and full of surprises, and certain things make it easier and much more pleasant to navigate.

What do you carry with you? What makes life easier for you? Let me know!