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I’m sorry to tell you, Miley Cyrus, but I’m #teamsupergirl. I fangirl hard over the DC Comics TV shows (the movies? not so much) and pretty much spend entire afternoons of my weekends catching up on the shows that aired during the week from the DC TV Universe. I didn’t think I’d enjoy Supergirl as much as the CW shows, but I was surprised to find that I do. And happily surprised when the show found a new home on the CW Network.

But apparently having a female superhero leading her own show isn’t good enough anymore because she’s Supergirl and not Superwoman.

There’s a bit of a difference between those two characters, though. Supergirl, aka Kara, never carried the title of Superwoman like Lois Lane or Lana Lang or several other females in the DC universe with the initials LL. Kara was actually around 16 in the comics (from what I gathered from Wikipedia–Don’t judge me; I was a Marvel girl growing up), which makes her title fitting. You wouldn’t call a sixteen year old a woman. You’d call them a young woman or a girl. Super Young Woman is a bit of a winded title.

And that’s exactly what the Kara we see on TV now is. She’s a young woman. She’s still growing and evolving. Here’s the thing about seeing a character start off on their journeys: It’s. A. Journey. Right now, the title is fitting. Kara is young–maybe not pigtails young, but still young and raw and naive about the world. She’s growing, and she’s growing into her role as a superhero.

I’m not saying Kara is going to evolve into being called Superwoman (unless they stray from what Wikipedia has told me about the comics), but she is going to evolve. She’s going to struggle, she’s going to battle herself and society, and she’s going to mature.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean her title needs to change. As Cat put it in the series, why can’t a woman embrace the title of girl as well? It’s no less empowering, especially if you own it. Which is exactly the journey we get to see every week.