them love triangles though…

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love-2Them love triangles

They’re like drama bombs. People are like how do I make my book tense? BOOM. Drop a drama bomb! But let’s face it, are there really love triangles in the world? I mean my version of a love triangle is curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and a book, or curling in bed with my cuddle pillow and a book. Both such good choices, but only one may prevail!

In all seriousness, I do love a well thought out love triangle. And I do mean well thought out. The whole switching back and forth though, it makes me gnash my teeth. Literally. It creeps out my kids. What is a well thought out love triangle? Basically the opposite of Vampire Diaries. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love me some Damon and Elena, but it’s like one second she is head over heels in love with Stefan, and then obsessively in love with Damon… I mean it just doesn’t work. Make the character constantly move forward. Not take 5 steps down one path, then double back and take 5 steps down the other.

Of course this is my opinion. Other people love the dramatic triangles. Considering it’s in, oh I don’t know, 70% of all books with romance elements, it’s something to discuss. So what do you think about love triangles? Do you love them? Do you despise them? I want to know! Or argue. I like to argue, so let’s have a debate! Leave some comments in the section below.

Please note, this post has nothing to do with instant love. That’s for another rant post.

7 Comments on “them love triangles though…”

  1. I like well-thought out love triangles! But I do love them! I’m not one to shy away from a book if there is one. I’m a fan of the drama. 🙂

  2. I don’t mind them if the girl ends up with the guy I want her to end up with….but, that usually doesn’t happen…so… ? Side note: and then there are the love triangles that REALLY frustrate me! Where I like both the guys and I don’t know who I want the girl with!! (Audrey Grey does this in THE SURRENDERED!!)

    1. **Audrey Grey does this in SHADOW FALL! Oops, Case Maynard wrote THE SURRENDERED, which also had a bit of a “triangle” that frustrated…Seriously, check out both these books they’re AMAZING!

  3. Oh! I mix these two books up all the time. Constantly calling them by the wrong name just like I mix up my children’s names.

    1. And the dog… Can’t forget the dog! Luckily, my kids answer to whatever name I call them. They learned to just follow the finger, and if its pointing at them they know who I mean 🙂

  4. Great topic! This is a characteristic of YA (yes – it’s become so prevalent its a characteristic now) that I feel is SOOOO overused! I probably feel that way because it is rarely done in such a way that feels satisfying, instead of irritating. It’s become the first choice out of the writers toolbox to create tension, but often-times the tension ends up being between the author and the reader. Let me be clear, I get why it pops up so often, love triangles (heck…its really more like love-polyhedrons) are a reality among teenagers. But I feel that in order for that dynamic to add to story…instead of being a distraction…it needs to be essential to the plot line and the consequences of the “decision” have weight.

    Essentially, I think I’m agreeing with you. Sorry…no argument today. 🙂

  5. Darn, I do so love arguments! But that’s okay, I am sure you’ll hit me up next week DL. Seriously though, I am kind of depressed that I didn’t get to experience one of these dynamic love triangles you know? Kind of a let down. Although I am still young, I doubt my husband would be too thrilled with adding one in at this point 🙂 So once again, I must read YA to recapture my restriction free youth!

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