the day that started it all

KristenCase Maynard, The Surrendered, Worldly Thoughts

Dear Unconcerned Citizen of the United States of America,

Do you know what today is? Today is the day that history is made. Or at least some form of history. People will talk about this day as the day that changed everything. Or worse, the day that started it all. What kind of day could be this monumental? Election day.

Now Blaze isn’t here to tell you who to vote for. We aren’t even here to support one candidate or another, although we most certainly have our opinions. No, we are here to warn you to truly think before you vote.

Do you think at some point the people were led astray in The Surrendered, using anger and desperation as motives that lead to The Tax on kids?

Do you think that if the wrong choice hadn’t been made somewhere deep within the past, The Hunger Games would never have been conceived and President Snow never elected?

The fact is that this vote, though it may seem almost humorous and unbelievable given our candidate selections, is vital to our success as a nation.

So go vote for the overgrown umpa-lumpa who hates women or likes them too much; I can’t decide.

Go vote for the flip-flopping pantsuit lady who I’m pretty sure has more personalities than her husband did affairs.

Go vote for the guy who doesn’t know foreign leaders’ names but dislikes Trump, so the guy seems cool, but I really don’t know anything about him except that he’s kinda weird.

Go vote for the lady who wants to demilitarize the US and have us all sing Kumbaya as we braid flowers into our hair.

Go vote for whoever you damn well please! And if you don’t live in the US, do you have a spare bedroom I can rent?

But remember, your vote may change the course of life as we know it. And when the dust settles and the new dictator president is elected, will you stand by your choice?

Remember: Political changes stem from one key moment, one simple trigger that started it all. The Surrendered, The Selection, The Hunger Games, those worlds all used to be normal too. Don’t let today be that day, and don’t let them tax our kids!

Vote. Don’t let the crazies F up this country.