thanksgiving bucket list


Anyone else doing a little dance, so happy that Thanksgiving break is finally here? But with that little dance comes one startling thought: What am I going to do with all that extra time? It’s the same thought I’ve had pretty much every holiday break ever, especially after adulthood hit. But since I don’t want to spend my holiday adulting, I decided to make a holiday bucket list.

1: Read Shadow Fall. shadow-fall-audrey-grey-ebook-cover

In reality, what I really mean is finish Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey. I know it releases this week, but in my non-adulty neener-neener moment, I’m gonna brag that working for Blaze means I get my hands on our awesome books early. Which means I’ve been devouring Shadow Fall on my lunch breaks, and wishing I were snuggled at home and hiding under a blanket.

The Archduchess gives me chills.

2: Binge watch a TV show.

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Which TV show? I have no idea. I mean, everyone’s talking about The Gilmore Girls, and people never stop talking about Supernatural. Then again, Stranger Things is still on my list and I’m kind of scared of Krystal and her enthusiasm over that show, so I might need to get that taken care of soon.

I have the distinct feeling I might end up spending hours flipping through my Netflix queue, but hopefully I’ll get some binge-watching in once I narrow it down.

3: Sleep. Like, a lot.

I mean . . . this one kinda goes without saying, amiright? I don’t know that I’ll be sleeping in so much as going to bed early since it gets dark at like four now, but still. Sleep is in my future.

4: Indulge my imagination.

Sometimes I do this writing thing, and I dunno, vacation might be a good time to try it again. Most likely this will involve a lot of typing, deleting, cursing at the blank page, weeping, and then finally settling in enough to write a few paragraphs I like. But hey–that’s sort of the writing process.

Feel free to send me chocolate to get through the creative roller coaster of writing.

5. Read another book.

What book? No idea–are you sensing the theme that my plans are never really plans but more about planning to plan? But I know I’m going to end up finishing Shadow Fall on Day 1 of vacation, so I’ll need a back up for when I get tired of flipping through my Netflix list or staring at a blinking cursor on my page. My To Be Read list is pretty massive, so it might be a matter of randomly picking a number and going with that. Plus I’ll need a book to arm myself with during Thanksgiving so I can avoid those awkward moments Kay talked about last week.

What are your plans for holiday break?