take the quiz: where do you belong in blaze?

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image from meme.com

image from meme.com

We’ve all done it. We read a book and disappear into the pages. We get lost in the worlds created, enchanted by the characters living their lives in between the covers, and think to ourselves “I’d fit in so well here.” Books can be the escape we need from reality, a safe place where we can feel like we belong and see the kind of people we want to be.

Of course, with some fictional worlds we wouldn’t exactly volunteer as tribute to go live there, even if they are great reads and inspiring stories. Here’s looking at you, every dystopian novel ever. But it’s still fun to see which pages you can land on, so we’ve decided to help you figure out which Blaze book you could be a character in! Take the quiz below to see which story could be yours.

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