stop adulting and read ya


This is for the older audience; you know the adult YA readers. Let’s face it, outside of alcohol and being able to have a credit card, being an adult kind of sucks. I mean I fully intended to spend eighteen-death reading all the time. And traveling. And buying lottery tickets left and right and winning each and every time. I did not expect to have to work just to do lame things like pay bills, or put a roof over my head. And I most definitely did not expect to have to choose between an electricity bill or a shopping spree on Amazon. So yeah, this whole adulting thing is overrated. That’s why I read YA.


Most people think a mid-life crisis is where you go and buy a sports car and stay up past ten p.m. I’m not having one of those. I’m having a post-teen crisis, and it began as soon as I turned eighteen and was expected to be a functioning member of society. I decided screw this, I’m going to read about a time when I thought being an adult was cool and my boyfriend would love me forever and ever and ever. Just kidding. As a teen, I couldn’t be bothered with keeping a boyfriend around long enough to feel that way. Anyway, yes I read YA to recapture my youth.

When I was sixteen, it was like a constant high. Everything felt so intense. That first kiss? Amazing and toe curling. Second one? Even better! Kiss 127,057? Fan-freaking-tastic! Kiss with my husband? Goodish, I guess? It’s just not the same. Even down to the excitement of setting off after graduation, the thirst for what lies beyond a teen’s hometown. Everything is heart-stoppingly intense when you are young. I think about moving to a new town and have an anxiety attack because the thought of having to enroll the kids in a new school is so exhausting. Teens just experience life on a different level than us poor adults. And when I read YA, it’s like I get to experience that all over again. Don’t judge me. Just because I live vicariously through fictional characters does not make me weird.

And to be honest, some YA authors really make the experience amazing. Asleep by Krystal Wade sends you on a straight up roller coaster of emotions. I sat there asking myself who the hell is crazy? Is it Rose? Is it Philip? Is anyone crazy? Is everyone crazy? Oh crap, am I crazy? It was a rush. Not a thriller fan? Then we have a contemporary romance coming out for you! There is this one scene that I can’t tell you about that quite literally melted me into a puddle. No joke, an actual puddle. I’m being dramatic, but seriously look for Paintbrush coming out in 2017!

Are you an older YA reader? If so, let’s discuss this over coffee… or wine! Or you know, in the comments below.