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From USA Today Best-Selling Author Audrey Grey, the Shadow Fall series continues now. The Trials might be over, but the asteroid hurtling toward the earth gives no pause for political drama. Now Maia must find a way to battle the Empire from within its own walls to save them all.

teaser 10:

I know who they have inside the cage, but my mouth parts anyway in a little gasp as Lucy rips off the blanket. The enclosure isn’t quite tall enough for Caspian to stand, so he hunches, his fingers clenched knuckle-white around the rusted bars . . . The hall vibrates with cheers, but I’m seemingly frozen as Hugo plucks the pyramid-shaped weapon from his baldric, presses the top, and tosses it at Caspian’s cage.


The word has barely left my lips before I see them. The golden scorpions swarm from the cracked device toward Caspian, large metal stingers held high and ready.

They’re going to kill him.

about the book:

Terrorist. Rebel. Traitor.

One rash decision during the Shadow Trials left innocents dead, friends injured and hunted by the Empire, and Maia Graystone imprisoned in the Tower, forced to watch as the asteroid in the sky grows larger by the hour.

‪Unsure if Riser Thornbrook is alive, Maia must find a way to battle the Empire from within its own walls and escape so she can fulfill the promise to her father and stop the asteroid. But when she breaks free and joins the Rebel army Nicolai has gathered, she discovers she’s been branded a traitor. With war between the Rebels and the Empire looming, old alliances shifting, and suspicion hanging over her head, she must fight in the Rebel Blood Courts—and win command—to regain their trust.

Only problem is she must first defeat the reigning champion, someone she knows all too well.

about the author:

audreyAudrey Grey lives in the charming state of Oklahoma, with her husband, two little people, and four mischievous dogs. You can usually find her hiding out in her office from said little people and dogs, surrounded by books and sipping kombucha while dreaming up wondrous worlds for her characters to live in.

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