nerd vs fangirl: defining the flail

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I’m a self-proclaimed fangirl. It’s really no secret. If you troll my Facebook, you can see me flailing about the fandoms I love. In fact, there was quite a bit of fangirl flailing when we signed Digging in the Stars by Katherine Blakeney. I’m pretty sure I gave Krystal an earache from squealing about how excited I was to read about an archaeologist in space–it just so happens that Stargate was the first fandom I jumped into and proclaimed my fangirl status.

I also happen to fangirl over a lot of nerdy things, from video games like Dragon Age (Alistair! Swoon!) to Marvel movies, fantasy, and beyond. So when Buzzfeed posted a quiz to find out just how nerdy you are, I had to take the test. No surprise, I got 100% and waved that Nerd Flag proudly on my Faceboook.

Only…my scorwas a little surprising given the questions. I can’t draw a map of Westeros. I get a lot of flack from friends since I’m a fantasy writer who has only read one of the Game of Thrones books. I only own two comic books. And worst of all, I’m not a Star Trek fan nor have I seen any of the Star Wars movies. That alone is enough to revoke my Geek Card. Am I really not as nerdy as Buzzfeed thinks?

Or does that even matter anymore?

Nerd is the new cool, but there’s a lack of distinction over just what makes a person fit to where the Nerd Crown. It’s no longer about pocket protectors, sci-fi, and all of the other stereotypical tropes. No, now it seems that the line between fangirl and nerd has become a little blurred. Am I automatically a nerd because I fangirl so hard? Is having a map of Middle Earth alone enough to garner me the title? Or am I a fangirl because I’m a nerd?

Maybe, now that we can all safely step out of our nerd/geek/fangirl closets, it’s not really about what you’re into but how much you’re into it.

What are you thoughts? Do you think fangirling over various fandoms and devouring books is enough to get you a Nerd Card, or do you need the stereotypical sci-fi obsessions and comic book collections to get you there? Take the quiz and tell us just where you land!



4 Comments on “nerd vs fangirl: defining the flail”

  1. I scored 86% on that same quiz, which only goes to show that being a nerd isn’t a black and white distinction, because there are definitely layers at play. But I’m more interested in the moniker itself. Being a self-proclaimed fangirl, are you a NERD, or are you really a GEEK?

    Geeks and nerds may share similar traits, but from what I’ve gathered (mostly from wikiHOW), there are differences. Nerds love to use jargon or unfamiliar terminology in their dialogue, whereas geeks will use obscure references rarely. For example, a nerd might say, “That’s an overused Foley. The SD must be lazy.” The geek would say of the same thing, “Oh! I love how Percy Jackson uses the Wilhelm Scream in every movie!” Geeks often take interest in the microcosmic details of life, such as noticing that your present situation is much like one from a news article or a novel. Nerds will be seemingly uninterested in the details of daily life, being more focused on the macroscopic, such as scientific possibilities and the future of humankind. A geek may enjoy board games, film (and may follow directors, composers, or character obsessively), tech gadgets, and techno music. A nerd seeks out solitary pursuits like programming or games like chess. And finally, It’s a universal truism that geeks can fall for anybody (though the reverse may not be true). However, most nerds fall only for nerds. This may be a survival tactic, but nobody knows for sure.

    Me…I would definitely label a fangirl like you a GEEK (although not seeing any Star Wars films does hurt your street cred). So am I. But as you say, we are getting harder and harder to spot in the wild. 🙂

    1. I definitely think you’re right–GEEK is far more fitting for me! My love of books and studying got me labeled as a nerd when I was younger, but it seems there’s more to it nowadays.

      The Star Wars thing really does hurt me. I had someone blurt that out in the middle of a huge crowd at Dragon Con a few years ago. I’m surprised I didn’t get escorted out of Atlanta by some Storm Troopers with the way everyone went silent and stared at me. Funny now, but definitely a dundunDUN moment then. 🙂

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