must haves for the perfect binge reading experience


Binge-reading is more of an art than a sport, if you ask us. You have to set the mood. Set the right tone of the day. And most of all, get everyone to leave you the heck alone so you can enjoy the zen reading atmosphere you’ve created. Here are a few tips from us:

  1. Now, this might seem like a DUH ingredient for the perfect reading environment, but it’s easy to overlook. You don’t just need light, you need enough light. But not too much. Don’t be afraid to go all Goldilocks on your light situation.
  2. A blanket. Or a fan. Only you know whether or not you prefer the heat or a nice cool breeze to be comfortable, so we can’t tell you which way to go on this one. But we can tell you it’s important. Breaking into a sweat should be a result of reading about the Archduchess chasing after Maia in Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey, not because you’re too hot to turn the page without it sticking to your fingers. Gross.
  3. Snacks are a must. Pietro prefers pizza in The Carver, but that’s not the best food to eat if you’re reading a physical book. You’ll stain the pages! Or smear grease all over your Kindle screen. We suggest dry foods that leave very little residue on your fingers. Unless you love audiobooks. Then anything is fair game.

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  4. A comfortable spot with the ability to shift positions. Let’s face it—there is no one perfect reading position. Your neck starts to crick, your arm falls asleep, your hip starts to ache—you have to be able to move. But finding that sweet spot to start off in means less wiggling around to start with.
  5. A Blaze book in your hands. Can you blame us for being biased? Sleeping Beauty battling her own Freddie Krueger and inner demons in Asleep, the tearjerker that is Because I Love You, road trip adventures with an adult Peter Pan in The Carver, Vee fighting the system and single-handedly complicating the revolution with her actions in The Surrendered, and a battle of survival on the brink of an extinction-level catastrophe with all hope resting on Maia’s shoulders in Shadow Fall. Coming soon, there’s an evil queen on the other side of the mirror with an evil plot to come through in Ivory Queen and archaeological adventures in space with a missing friend and the secrets of an ancient king in Digging in the Stars. What’s not to love?