how to harry potter your christmas


We wouldn’t be proud book nerds if we weren’t trying to think of ways to incorporate Harry Potter into our Christmases, right? Every other website has all the gift ideas, but how do you make your Christmas more magical? We have a few ideas!

  • Obvious choice, we know. Hey—blame J.K. Rowling for making it the drink of choice for her characters.
  • Harry Potter Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree. Golden snitches in place of glass balls, a red and yellow theme if you’re team Gryffindor, or maybe a sorting hat to top your tree? It all sounds good to us! Maybe you should have multiple trees so you can do it all.
  • Who needs Elf on the Shelf when you could have a stuffed Dobby showing up everywhere? This one might be hanging out on top of the tree, but we think your kids would appreciate Dobby moving around their house a lot more than some creepy elf. #justsaying
  • Owls! Owls everywhere! Why? Because they are wintery and Harry Potter. And so cute!
  • Chocolate frogs and other Harry Potter themed sweet treats.
  • A nice fire (or video of a fire for those of us without fireplaces) and the books or movies!

What bookish traditions do you have for the holidays?