have you heard?

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Have you heard the news? It’s finally happened! Fallen (Book by Lauren Kate) has resumed its scheduled production and released a trailer for the highly anticipated film that’s been subject to delay after delay! Now, I must admit, I have not read the books just yet. At the insistence of my fellow colleagues, I purchased the book and moved it up a few spaces on my TBR list. Fallen is now loaded onto my kindle where it will sit until I board my plane from Austin to Boston.

fallenWhy is this movie so eagerly awaited? Well, I can’t tell you just yet, but the trailer does look quite interesting. Oddly enough, this ties back into last week’s post about my thoughts on love triangles. I’m eager to see if this fits the bill or not! Though, I must admit, based on the pictures I may find myself at odds, because I definitely think the blond is hotter than the other, and his overall look of purity definitely has me thinking he is the angel. It always feels weird to root for the obvious “good guy,” but I suppose I can manage.

This pursuit to produce movies from epic novels is a pursuit I can truly stand behind. Given I openly admit to being one of those people who watch a movie and then snarl and rage about all the subtle details they missed, especially when what I consider to be monumental part of the book is altered to fit the big screen. What can I say, I am notoriously difficult to please. Well, not really. I may absolutely love a movie rendition and still rage about all the things they cut. I guess I’m not so much difficult to please as I am just obnoxious. It’s a gift, really.

While hordes upon hordes of Fallen fans rejoice across the world, I can’t help but wonder which book will be next? What book series will be masterfully crafted (or not so masterfully crafted *cough* Eragon *cough*) into a blockbuster movie? If you had any choice in that matter, what would it be? Personally, I would love love love to see Blaze books made into movies, but, alas, I am biased. Sort of, they kind of rock. I mean Dr. Underwood in real life? Peter Pan in all his road-tripping glory? Or gimme some kick ass Vee to cheer behind? Absolutely! Or you know, I could cry my eyes out watching Andie’s story because, man, that book hits you right in the feels!

So, tell me, what book do you want made into a movie?

Would you prefer a movie, or a HBO TV series (where they will make every scene “better” by throwing in a topless woman), or perhaps an ABC series that allows them to cover each and every scene? Let me know in the comments below! And I can’t promise to hold back a snarky reply at your choice… it’s who I am!