for the love of fantasy

KristenBook Newz, The Carver

I was a weird child. No seriously, I was an odd duck. I probably still am. When I was little, and I’m talking single digits, I used to ask my mom to take me to Barnes and Noble for my birthday. Not to buy a book, mind you, we weren’t exactly rolling in extra cash, I just wanted to be there. I would walk in, make a beeline for the fantasy section and grab a book (or two) and sit on the floor and read. And were not talking kids section, since they didn’t have a YA section back then. I went to the full on epic fantasy. Lord of the Rings at 8? Check!

Some say that fantasy rots the brain and creates a break from reality. I don’t even have an articulate response to this, although I could think of a few impolite gestures… Fantasy–and SciFi since they are usually grouped together–have a unique power unlike any other genre: the ability to reshape everything we know and remove us from the constraints of rationalism. It. Is. Awesome.


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I’ve traversed foreign landscapes, walked upon flying cities, battled creatures beyond rational comprehension, grew a pair of wings and lept from a cliff, and rode atop a unicorn before I was even allowed to go to the mall without a parental figure. I could not get enough of reading. I can’t imagine what my childhood would have looked like without learning of hobbits and elves, or boarding the Hogwarts express. These books have shaped me in ways that Wuthering Heights or The Great Gatsby or whatever crappy books they shove down your throats in school ever could. I mean, honestly I think my eyes bled from having to read Ethan Frome. Talk about brain rotting…


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Now I know this is all my opinion, so I am eager to hear from you.

What are your genres of choice?

Are you an epic fantasy buff like me? Are you drawn in by captivating world building, or do realistic settings make you feel like you’re stepping into another person’s shoes? Who is more conniving, Miss Havisham or Dumbledore?