cyber monday sale


Who doesn’t love Cyber Monday? You get to score the best shopping deals with so little effort! You can shop in your pajamas, in between classes, sitting in your office…anywhere! And while you are one-clicking away, why not treat yourself to five amazing books for the price of a cup of coffee? That’s right–the entire Blaze catalog is still on sale for Cyber Monday with every book just 99 cents!

asleep-book-standingAsleep by Krystal Wade
YA Psychological Thriller
To cure fear, you must use fear…

Seventeen-year-old Rose suffers from terrifying, painful nightmares that leave her bruised, exhausted, and questioning her sanity. Desperate to hold on, she makes a choice: Trust her doctor who claims he can cure her, or listen to another patient who swears the asylum will kill them.

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Because I Love You by Tori Rigby
YA Contemporary Romance
Sometimes love is a sacrifice…

When Sixteen-year-old Andie Hamilton discovers she’s pregnant, she also learns the truth of her adoption. Overwhelmed, Andie must choose what’s best for the baby, but after hearing the heartbeat for the first time, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able let go.

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The Carver by Jacob Devlin
YA Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling
The past is in his carvings, the future is in his hands…

Crescenzo never would’ve thought his father’s figurines were modeled after real people, but when his loved ones start vanishing from his life, he must unite their real life counterparts and seek their aid to save his family.

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TheSurrendered3The Surrendered by Case Maynard
YA Dystopian
The time to fight the tax on kids is now…

To rebuild after financial collapse, the government seeks compensation in the form of a child tax. Pay exorbitant fees or submit the nation’s youth to serve a decade as slaves . . . For some of these kids, surrender is not an option.

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Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey
YA Sci-fi Dystopian
The shadow falls. The worthy rise.

Paired with a dark prince in a murderous game of survival, Maia Graystone discovers the only thing more dangerous than the Emperor’s court is her conflicted heart.

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