but wait, there’s more!


I recently had the experience of finding out that a series I love is actually going to be a ton of books, instead of just a few books, and I had two very different reactions. One was like yeah baby, woohoo, but the other half of me was like whaaaaaa? You’re making me be patient? Those of you who know me well know I don’t like to wait for things. Ever. Literally I am the most impatient person ever invented.

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But I can’t help but see this as favorable. Why? Because I get more. More, more, more. Not only am I impatient, but I am greedy too. Not the greatest combination, but don’t worry. I make due. Still, I can’t help but be super pumped that the characters I have come to adore will continue for just a few books longer. Take Harry Potter for example. I would have been totally stoked if that series had hung on for like forty more books. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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I mean who doesn’t want more? Who doesn’t want another epic tale with characters you’re already attached to? I mean, only weirdos say no thanks, I’ve had enough awesomeness; I’d rather go back to being lame now. Right? Or maybe I am the weirdo, which as you know I’m totally cool with.

On that note, let me know a series that you wish the author would release just ONE more book in. Even if it meant getting a necromancer to bring a beloved character back from the dead. We at Blaze can do that. (Krystal, Chief Editor, interjecting here: We Can’t.) Don’t listen to Krystal… I’m sure we can do something… okay probably not, but it’s still cool to think about, right?

So readers, what book series do you wish would continue?