6 books that almost made us quit reading

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We all have them. Those books that we don’t just dislike, but despise with vehemence. It is not necessarily an insult to the author, a book can cause me to rage even though it is beautifully written. It’s all about the mix. I mean a story is all about people and situations, so its to be expected that there are things we just don’t jive with. Here are a few of ours:

1. STALK ME by Jillian Dodd

“I thought STALK ME was a piece of light, fluffy, fun YA literature. But what I picked up was a poorly-written smut novel geared toward younger audiences that glorifies sex, drugs, partying, hatred, stupidity, lacking family values, lacking moral values, and basically just makes teenagers look stupid and clueless. Something I would NEVER, EVER want my child to read in her pre-teen and teenager years.
I mean, her parents let her traipse around the world and LOVE and GUSH over her sex life. They even get “misty-eyed.”
WTF? – Krystal”
Kris’s Thoughts: Yeah I don’t have a response. I mean her mom is excited about a stalker. That’s not normal mom behavior, right? I am pretty sure that would have me raging if my daughter came home and said someone was stalking her. Maybe that’s the uncool approach, but still….

2. TWILIGHT by Stephanie Myers

I had to do it. Honestly. WTF. Sparkly vampires? Really? I can’t even…. Now I would have really liked Twilight… if they didn’t sparkle and ALL the main characters died. It could have been cool then, right? And is it okay if we just don’t ackhowledge Bella as real? Or female? I mean she sets women back like… I don’t know a thousand freaking years. When I got to the part after he left her and its just like four months of nothing… I honestly want to rage quit reading. EFF that.



Kris’s Thoughts (continued): I guess this bit doesn’t count since the above was my thoughts too… but I have to add: Twilight was so ridiculous that even the actor who shot to fame over it questioned it. THAT says a lot. Plus I hate Bella. A Lot.

3. BETWIXT by Tara Bray Smith

ZzZzZzZz…. is it over yet?
Kris’s Thoughts: Ugh. Those books. The ones that don’t end, and your not even quite sure if it ever started. It’s like reading a text book… about the most uninteresting things ever. The benefit though, they work better than an Ambien to go to sleep.

4. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins

I despised it. There can only be one St. Clair — Cole from the book linger.
Krystal’s Thoughts: I am taking over Kris’s spot because I HAVE to defend this! I love this book. So there.

5. DIVERGENT (The Series) by Veronica Roth

If you don’t know what I am talking about, move over cause I’m coming to live under your rock too. This world is just too cruel.
Kris’s Thoughts (continued): NOT COOL.

6. NEW MOON by Stephanie Meyer

Emo Edward, first of all. Enough said. Bella? She curls up in an effing ball in the woods because of a guy. Then there’s Jacob. Starts out as an awesome guy until OH NO he’s been shoved into the friend zone, so that means it’s time for some character assassination! By the end of that book, I hated all the main characters.
janerage gif.gif
Kris’s Thoughts: Again, sparkling vampires. Nuff said.

What book made you want to rage quit reading?

OR do you have a different opinion on the books above? We would LOVE to hear you defend them, the folks here at blaze love seeing other opinions!