#FoodieFriday: The Fear No Evil Beefcake


Join our resident Foodie Layla in making some awesome snacks to eat while you read ASLEEP:

So, you made the Coffee Crusted Roast, and now you have a ton of
leftovers. But never fear! Okay, well, use your fear from reading ASLEEP and make a
sandwich. Sandwiches are served all over. It’s a meal that everyone has
enjoyed. We all have our favorites. This is one of my favorites. I love
the beefy goodness of an open faced sandwich. This is an easy way to use
leftovers and satisfy the rumble in your belly. 

The Fear No Evil Beefy

leftover Coffee Crusted Roast, sliced to your desired thickness
crusty hearty sub rolls
gravy (optional)
favorite sandwich toppings
Cut sub rolls in half leaving a hinge to fold it back easier and toast. 
Layer on your beef and favorite sandwich toppings.
Fold and Enjoy.

*My favorite is open faced, topped with beef, gravy, and caramelized onions.