Introducing #FoodieFriday With Layla Cox

MaraFoodie Friday

What’s cooking? Dinner inspired by Asleep by Krystal Wade. I am sure you will love it! 

When I read a good book or see a good movie my cooking brain goes into high gear, and this time is no different. I love scary books and scary movies. I’m not usually afraid to go to sleep. So I created my I’m-not-Chicken Chili Stew. A hearty dish that fills the belly and creates the warm fuzzies most of us need right now in the grey-white world of winter.

I’m not Chicken Chili Stew

1 TBSP vegetable oil
1 pound chicken, cubed
1 packet McCormick’s white chicken chili mix
1 cup onion, rough chopped
1/2 cup celery, rough chopped
2 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 potato, peeled and cubed
1 can cannelini beans, undrained
2 cans chicken broth

In a large pot, heat the vegetable oil and add the chicken. Stir occasionally and cook until still slightly pink in the middle.
Add packet and stir to coat the chicken. Add the broth when you smell the spices. 

Add the vegetables and beans. Turn the heat to medium. Simmer until carrots are done.

Serve and enjoy.